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Me and My Site

Stacey here, welcome to my world! Some might know me as cricket-loving chick ‘LilMissAshes’ and if you;re over 70 years of age then chances are you know me as Tracey (nb. this is NOT my name!)

I’m a crazy, sunshiny lil lass who loves life, chilling with family, adventures with friends, the world of fashion, darn good music, sport, writing about cricket, competitions of any kind, play-fighting, watching horror films, going to the gym, giving cheeky smiles to cute men at the traffic lights, playing acoustic covers on guitar, watching and singing loudly to musicals, doing The Cup Song, making YouTube videos, making people laugh (usually at me and not with me), dreaming about flying, coming out with random deep stuff, singing in Spanish, drinking Lemon Fanta, tying Strawberry Laces into a knot using only my tongue, supercars, the sun setting in St. Tropez Harbour in the summer, fireworks over the sea, bossing men around, live music, writing novels, social media and my sassy BMW Convertible called Morgan!



Anyways, enough about me, time for the purpose of this website. It all started with my ebook, “Point to Fine Leg.” I absolutely adore cricket and since 2011 have focussed lot of my efforts on getting the modern woman into it too. Most girls, like myself pre 2005, enjoy most of what I mentioned above and have never really given cricket a second thought. But I assure you, all it takes is one amazing game and you will be hooked, like I was. Hopefully some of my cricket blogs will encourage you to open your mind a little bit more and perhaps make a purchase of my eBook!



But don’t worry, it’s not ALL about cricket. I have layers. In this site you’ll also read about music, my take on the fashion world, film reviews, celebrity gossip and much, much more! The only difference being, you get to give your views back too and share them with not just ‘Sally from Human Resouces’ but with everyone else who might be reading this blog. Everyone has a voice that should be heard and I would love to read your thoughts on my blogs so please do get involved.

You can also contact me on Twitter – @LilMissAshes

So get reading and commenting peeps, your audience and I await you.


Stacey Harris, The Editor

5 responses to “Me and My Site

  1. Dick Davies says:

    Stacey Harris – one of the main attractions when watching Glamorgan at Cardiff and Swansea!

  2. Steven says:

    Very good little site. Heard a lot about it so I thought it was high time I checked it out.

    • Ah thank you Steven. It’s a bit of light-hearted cricket fun and pretty easy to run. Especially if you have a warped mind like mine and enjoy combining cricket with zombies!:)

  3. Derrina says:

    I am so glad I stumbled across this blog – it is amazing!
    We would natter for so long – asides from the fact I dislike Glee – I am loving this girlie combination of fashion & cricket – my two favourite things in life!
    Hope you’ve enjoyed the Test Match – I’m watching T20 in Edgabston tomorrow, v. excited! X

    • Hi Derrina!

      Glad ur enjoying the blogs. There’s a load of cricket blogs out there but not enough with a sassy little feminine twist so this is where I come in! Hope you enjoyed the Edgbaston T20? I’m loving them at the mo. Been to every Glamorgan home game so far – gotta show some female support for the boys! Going again this Friday for Glam v Hampshire. Should be interesting as Hampshire unbeatable so far. Gonna back the Glam boys though, like a trooper!

      If you manage to download my ebook, let me know what you think. I’m always keen to find out people’s opinions on it!

      Luv Stacey
      AKA LilMissAshes

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